miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

The Argentine government launched the National Program on Health and Responsible Ownership of Dogs and Cats

President Cristina Fernandez signed a decree that includes animal protection measures, to prevent infectious diseases. The standard wasannounced by the chief of staff, Aníbal Fernández, during a ceremony at thepresidential residence in Olivos.

The chief of staff announced this afternoon the creation of the National Program on Health and Responsible Ownership of Dogs and Cats, by a decree signed by the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez.

The standard covers animal protection measures, to prevent infectious diseases especially in dogs that are abandoned. It also points to the responsibility of pet owners to comply with immunization schedules. Beside the chief of staff participated in the ceremony the Minister of Health, Juan Manzur, under whose orbit will be the Executing Unit of this Pet’s Health Programme.

During his speech, Anibal Fernandez, said on birth control for dogs and cats "nobody want the extermination, slaughter, killing for killing pets." "The responsible ownership is the linchpin of this policy we want to talk," he said.

The chief of staff remarked that "it is imperative that this entire policy means we need to talk about control by surgical sterilization." "The slaughter and euthanasia has been a method of birth control canine ineffective and inefficient. They will not resolve ever in this way”, he said.
He also said that surgical sterilization campaign "will be massive, extended in time and free." And he said that it will be done in this way and reduce "the risk of zoonotic diseases, the human transmission."
The national policy for animal protection focus to prevent spread zoonosis, diseases that are transmissible to humans, such as leptospirosis and lesmanihasis, among others. They also tend to avoid killing of stray dogs. Realize that there are disease outbreaks in different cities, including cities like Rio Gallegos, General Roca, Bariloche or Posadas, which can be solved with the implementation of vaccination and protection measures.

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